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Posted by samoeun on December 11, 2007


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Cambodian Buddhism

Posted by samoeun on July 11, 2007


                                     Buddhist flag


                       Cambodian Buddhist -Paint


king-Chunnat ( Buddhist king of monks in Cambodia)

Theravada Buddhism is the religion of virtually all of the ethnic Khmers, who constitute about 90% or more of the Cambodian population. Buddhism originated in what are now north India and Nepal during the sixth century B.C. Theravada Buddhism is a tolerant, non-prescriptive religion that does not require belief in a supreme being. Its precepts require that each individual take each individual take full responsibility for his own actions and omissions.

Buddhism is based on three concepts: dharma (the doctrine of the Buddha, his guide to right actions and belief); karma (the belief that one’s life now and in future lives depends upon one’s own deeds and misdeeds and that as an individual one is responsible for, and rewarded on the basis of, the sum total of one’s acts and act’s incarnations past and present); and sangha, the ascetic community within which man can improve his karma. The Buddhist salvation is nirvana, a final extinction of one’s self. Nirvana may be attained by achieving good karma through earning much merit and avoiding misdeeds.

A Buddhist’s pilgrimage through existence is a constant attempt to distance himself or herself from the world and finally to achieve complete detachment, or nirvana. The fundamentals of Buddhist doctrine are the Four Noble Truths: suffering exits; craving (or desire) is the cause of suffering; release from suffering can be achieved by stopping all desire; and enlightenment – buddhahood – can be attained by following

the Noble Eightfold Path (right views, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration), which constitutes a middle way between sensuality and ascetism. Enlightenment consists of knowing these truths. The average layperson cannot hope for nirvana after the end of this life, but can by complying, as best he or she is able to, with the doctrine’s rules of moral conduct-hope to improve his or her karma and thereby better his condition in the next incarnation.

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Maint websites for Stedent search

Posted by samoeun on June 22, 2007


websites of universities in Cambodia

Private University websites:

Public Universities websities:

TV websites In Cambodia:


Other important Websites:

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websites of Cambodian Government

Posted by samoeun on June 22, 2007

You can read the information from Cambodia by clck on these website:

Government Organizations


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Information of Venerable sao samoeun

Posted by samoeun on June 13, 2007

samoeunMy name sao samoeun and i was born in 1985 in Takeo province. Mr. Sao Boy and Mrs. Ñem Moch are my own parents and Mr. Tuy Man and Mrs. Soung Siv Heng are my god parents.Now i am living in Phnom Penh in Building number 29 Wat Unnalom, Chhey Chhumnash, Doun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia and i have been studying in Three Univesities- Paññásástra(in the field of Enlish), Sovannaphumi (in the field of Business administration) and Bhuddhist Shihanukrájá( in the field of Philosophy). In my future, I want to be good profassor at some university in my country. Address that avialable to contact me:

Venerable: Sao Samoeun ( Monk Student)

Wat Unnalom, Chhey Chhumnash, Doun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Tell: (855) 012 436 930


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